MAGFest 2019

Returning to event recaps (which I am super behind on), our first con of 2019 was MAGFest. We went Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this year, opting to skip Sunday in order to recover before returning to work. Those three days were pretty packed. We bounced between playing tabletop games, walking through the dealer hall, doing photo shoots, and socializing. MAGFest is always a great way to start the year.

On Thursday, we began the con with a photographers photo shoot meetup. The idea was to get group photos of photographers, since they so rarely get to have their pictures taken. Mike participated in the shoot, while I took photos. It was a fun way to start the con and nice to meet some more local and non-local photographers.

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Mustang Sally Brewery Shoot

To finish out 2018, Mike and I attended one last D.C. Cosplay Photo Shoots meetup at the Mustang Sally Brewery. In order to change things up (and because I did not want to have to edit more photos), we decided to both go as cosplayers. The industrial-esque setting seemed perfect for our Knightmare Batman and Catwoman costumes.

We started off working with Ali of Alicyn Drew Photography. She was experimenting with gels and bouncing the light off of the metal of a brewing tank. It made for a really cool effect!
Photo by Alicyn Drew

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Victorian Christmas Tea 2018

Last December Carolyn held her final Victorian Christmas Tea in DC before she moves back to Canada. (We will miss you Carolyn!) As with all of Carolyn’s parties, there was tons of scrumptious food and lots of fun conversation. Carolyn’s house was beautifully decked out for the holidays.

I am pretty proud of the group photo, because we managed to get a lot of people into one shot in a narrow space using only a single flash on the hot shoe.
Victorian Christmas Tea

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PAX Unplugged 2018

Last December, Mike and I returned to PAX Unplugged, which took place in Philadelphia. It is a tabletop gaming convention, and this was its second year.
We had a fun time, and it was a nice way to finish our 2018 conventions. There were some organizational issues the first year, and I could tell that a bunch of effort had been put into improving for year two.

PAX Unplugged is all about the tabletop freeplay area. This is your opportunity to try out new games or to play an old favorite with friends. Compared to the first year, they expanded the number of tables and the games that were available to check out. They still might need to increase the capacity next time, but it was much improved from the first year
PAX Unplugged

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The New Kit-Cat Portraits, Series 2

Mike and I are pleased to unveil our second series in The New Kit-Cat Portraits!
(As a reminder, the first series can be found here.) The original Kit-Cat Club paintings by Sir Godfrey Kneller included 48 separate sitters. Although we will not reach that total, our goal is to do three or four sets throughout this year and complete at least 20 portraits. Our hope is to document as much of the talented and diverse Washington, DC-area historical costuming community as possible.
New Kit-Cat Portraits, Wave Two

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Pumpkin Tea 2018

For the 2018 installment of the Pumpkin Tea, Stephanie added a fun twist, which was to make the event Austenland themed. The movie Austenland takes place in a present-day vacation resort that is supposed to mimic the regency era. But of course, a lot of modern, kitschy touches are included in the styling. Stephanie and her co-hosts Kat and Judy really ran with the theme in the decor and food, while many attendees wore over-the-top accessorized regency costumes. It was a fun event!

On to the photos!

Pumpkin Tea

Pumpkin Tea

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Knightmare Batman and Catwoman at Baltimore Comic-Con 2018

Sunday of Baltimore Comic-Con was one of the rare times that Mike and I cosplayed together. Mike debuted his Knightmare Batman costume, based on the Rules of Engagement arc in the Batman comics, issues 33-35, written by Tom King and penciled by Joelle Jones. We made this cosplay to match my Knightmare Catwoman costume that I already had. Most of it was done using purchased materials, although we did make the chest armor. The cowl is by Ryan Eaton Creations.

Here are a couple photos I took of Mike.
Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore Comic-Con

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Balent-Style Catwoman at Baltimore Comic-Con 2018

My purple Balent-style Catwoman costume is one of my favorite comic book cosplays, so I knew I had to wear it to Baltimore Comic-Con. Unsurprisingly, it was a big hit! As an added bonus, the weather was nice enough for us to do photos outside, which led to some cool shots, including at sunset. I had the opportunity to work with two great photographers in addition to Mike: Notsoprophoto Photography and S1 Price Lightworks.

Here is a selection of photos I did with Mike. (I did the editing.) These first several were shot in the middle of the day.
Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore Comic-Con

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