Black Wool Day Dress

Dress Bodice
Back of Bodice Cartridge Pleating
Front Dogleg Closure 1860s Wool Day Dress

Click to enlarge. Top row left: full view. Right: bodice. Middle row left: back of bodice. Right: back cartridge pleats. Bottom row left: dogleg closure. Right: wearing at Costume Con 29 2011.

Pattern: Laughing Moon Mercantile Early 1860s Day Dress 111
Fabric: Wool twill for the fashion fabric, cotton twill for the lining, velvet ribbon for the trim, black plastic buttons, hooks and bars, cotton muslin for the collar, pre-made bias tape for the bone casings, spiral steel and cable ties for the boning, Gutermann cotton thread, Gutermann serger thread
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Inspiration Photos:

Click to enlarge. Early 1860s photograph from Dressed for the Photographer by Joan L. Severa

Notes: Begun January 2010, finished May 2010. I chose the coat sleeve option from the LM pattern. I shamelessly used the serger on this one. I just did not have the free time I needed to do all the interior finishing in a period manner. But I still used period construction (flat lining) for most things except for that sort of seam finishing. I figured out how to do a dogleg closure by looking at Katherine’s website here.