William Morris Print Bustle Dress

Bustle Print Front Bustle Print Back
Bustle Print Sleeve Waltham Steampunk Con

Click to enlarge. Top left: front view. Right: back view. Bottom left: sleeve cuffs. Right: wearing at Waltham Steampunk Festival in 2010.

Pattern: None, purchased from Wearing History, modified and refitted by me
Fabric and Materials for My Modifications: Cotton broadcloth for the collar, cuffs, and ruffle on the bottom of the skirt, spiral steel boning, purchased bias tape
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Inspiration Photos:

Click to enlarge. 1880s fashion plates from Harper’s Bazaar.

Notes: Begun January 2008, finished October 2008. I removed the old collar and cuffs of the original piece and then put on my own. I also added the box pleated ruffle to the skirt. The bodice needed some refitting, which I was able to do because I harvested some extra fabric from the bottom of the skirt. I also added boning to the bodice seams.