Navy Day Dress

Front Back
Bodice Waist Seam with Cartridge Pleats
Inside Inside
1840s Day Dress Dress U

Click to enlarge. First row left: front view. Right: back view. Second row left: bodice. Right: waist pleating. Third row left: inside side seam finishing. Right: inside. Fourth row left: wearing at Costume Con 29 2011. Right: wearing at Dress U 2012.

Pattern: Laughing Moon Mercantile 114 Ladies Round Dresses— 1840’s-1852
Fabric and Materials: Cotton print for the fashion fabric, lined with cotton twill, pre-made bias tape for boning channels, spiral steel boning, hooks and bars, sewn with cotton thread
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Notes: Made November 2010-March 2011. Sewn by hand except for the long skirt seams.