Arkham City Robin

Completed Robin Costume Mike as Robin
New Leg Armor Annapolis Comic-Con

Click to enlarge. Top row left: front view with first version of leg armor. Right: first wearing at PAX East 2012. Bottom row left: now with second version of leg armor. Right: at Annapolis Comic-Con 2012.

Pattern: Simplicity 9887 view C was used for the cape, the rest was patterend from scratch or used found materials
Fabric and Materials: Black and yellow cotton broadcloth for the cape, red Under Armor shirt for the top, black jeans trimmed in bias tape for the pants, found materials for other accessories

Inspiration Photo
Robin Concept Art
Click to enlarge.

Notes: Made winter/spring 2012, together with Mike, for Mike. I sewed the cape, sewed the logo to the shirt, and sewed the bias tape to the jeans. Mike made the belt, the arm armor (using soccer shin guards that he spray painted), and the staff (using a long cardboard tube that he spray painted and then wrapped in the center with hockey stick tape). Together we made the leg armor using craft foam and plastic canvas. In the fall of 2012 Mike made new armor using styrene plastic. Mike got the base for the Robin logo here, which provides files for Adobe CS and a tutorial. These files were posted by Retoucher07030. The mask was purchased from Ravenwood Masks on Etsy.