Corded, Ruffled, and Tucked Petticoats

Corded Petticoat Flounced Petticoat
Tucked Petticoat

Click to enlarge. Top left: corded petticoat. Right: petticoat with flounces. Bottom: tucked petticoat.

Pattern: None, based partially on Jenni’s and Kendra’s instructions
Fabric and Materials: Cotton muslin, worsted cotton yarn for the cording, Gutermann cotton thread
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Inspiration Photos:

Click to enlarge. Left: from the Manchester Gallery of Costume. Right: from the Kyoto Costume Institute.

Notes: Begun June 2007, finished September 2008. The bottom layer is the corded petticoat, then the flounced one comes next, and the tucked one is on top of that.