White Gathered Apron Front

Apron Front Apron Front Back
Apron Front Construction Apron Front Open
White Bib Front 1800s Cotton Voile Day Dress

Click to enlarge. Top left: front. Right: back. Middle left: apron opening. Right: bodice lining flaps. Bottom left: wearing in 2008. Right: wearing at Gore Place in 2009.

Pattern: Period Impressions Bib Front, modified to be an apron front closure
Fabric and Materials: Cotton voile for the fashion fabric, linen for the lining, worsted cotton yarn for the drawstrings, Gutermann cotton thread
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Inspiration Photos:

Click to enlarge. c.1800 from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Notes: Begun in May 2008 and finished in August 2008. Main references were Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail by Lucy Johnston and Costume in Detail by Nancy Bradfield.