Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen Costumes

As I mentioned in my last post, Mike and I cosplayed as Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane on Friday of Katsucon. We wanted to do costumes, but we did not have time to make anything elaborate, and we did not want to wear something that would be cumbersome while photographing people. These costumes fit the bill nicely. Plus, we thought it would be cute to cosplay as reporters covering the Met Gala that Friday.

Mike based his costume on the design by Steve Lieber in the current Jimmy Olsen series.
Jimmy Olsen Issue 1

I decided to use art by Jim Lee from Hush as my reference for Lois.
Lois Lane in Hush by Jim Lee

All our clothing for these costumes was either purchased or from our closet. I had to take in my red vest, but otherwise everything fit well. I also bought a skirt, but I opted to wear slacks so I could kneel down easier while taking photos. Mike designed and printed our press badges.

Our friend Dan was kind enough to take these excellent photos of us at Katsucon.

Mike really enjoyed hamming it up as Jimmy!



Later, Mike and I staged a shoot at home to try to recreate one of our favorite sequences from the current Jimmy Olsen series by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber, in issue 4. These are the original panels from the comic.
Jimmy and Lois inspiration

Jimmy and Lois inspiration

We put our camera on a tripod and Mike used a timer to take the photos in our dining room.
Jimmy and Lois BTS

Lois and Jimmy

Lois and Jimmy

Lois and Jimmy

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