Space Ladies Project

Last year, Sierra of SierraRoses SFX Makeup had a cool idea to do a few different space-themed photo shoots that would involve airbrush makeup techniques. She loosely based the concept on this Planettes art series by GDBee Art. Sierra and Dan of Dan Arango Photography teamed up to bring this concept to life, and they were nice enough to invite me to be one of their models. Everything about this sounded super cool, so of course I said yes! We did the actual shoot last January.

For my character, Sierra chose a look based on the rings of Saturn. Although I did not have a costume at the ready, I was able to repurpose the catsuit and wig I use for my Darwyn Cooke-style Catwoman cosplay and add some different accessories to switch things over to the theme.

Three other cosplayers also participated:
Natalie was Neptune,
Evelyn was Mars, and
Angela was the Milky Way. They all did an amazing job!

Space Photo Shoot

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Francaise Dinner 2019

We attended the Francaise Dinner last March at Gadsby’s Tavern Restaurant. It is hard to believe that this event has been going on for eight years! Back when it started, I had done only a little 18th century costuming. Now the 1780s is one of my favorite eras.

I wore a striped silk chemise gown that I bought from Vivien when she was doing a closet clear-out. I had always wanted to make a dress of this style, but never got around to it. When Vivien said she was selling hers, I snapped it right up. For this outing I styled myself a new wig, following instructions in Kenda’s book on 18th century hair. My jewelry is from my Etsy shop, and my shoes are by American Duchess.
Francaise Dinner

Mike coordinated with my blue and white theme in his outfit as well.
Francaise Dinner

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Visit to Longwood Gardens and Victorian Winter Tea

Last January Judy and Stephanie organized a Victorian tea at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware. Since Longwood Gardens is not far from Wilmington, several of us decided to make a day of it and visit there beforehand for a costumed stroll. There was a beautiful orchid display on view.

I will start with the photos from Longwood. I wore an 1890s ensemble that I had not brought out in several years. The skirt is made out of some black wool twill leftover from another project (my 1860s day dress), and the blouse was purchased.
Victorian Winter Tea

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My Costumes at MAGFest 2019

For this year’s MAGFest, I went with a DC Comics/historical costuming theme. Two of my costumes were of Wonder Woman, while my third was of Catwoman. My Wonder Woman looks were the 1910s suit from the movie and a regency mash-up. My Catwoman was her Golden Age look, which debuted in the 1940s.

These were all relatively new costumes for me, and I had never worn them to a con before. (In fact, I had never worn any but the Regency Wonder Woman to an event before.) Although none of them had a specific connection to gaming, they were all well received at MAGFest. It was funny watching people trying to figure out what the 1910s suit was from. Then they would see my sword, and it would all click.

Wonder Woman’s 1910s Suit
I purchased this suit off of Ebay. All I had to do was buy some accessories to complete the costume. In comparing my suit to reference photos, I noticed that stills from the movie make the suit look grey, while on-set paparazzi photos make it look brown. I think the fabric is brown in real life, but the color temperature that the movie was shot at is much cooler, making it look grey on film. Regardless, I like my suit. I really enjoyed wearing it, as it is quite comfortable, and this is not a costume you see that often. My sword is by 3D Printed Debris.


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MAGFest 2019

Returning to event recaps (which I am super behind on), our first con of 2019 was MAGFest. We went Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this year, opting to skip Sunday in order to recover before returning to work. Those three days were pretty packed. We bounced between playing tabletop games, walking through the dealer hall, doing photo shoots, and socializing. MAGFest is always a great way to start the year.

On Thursday, we began the con with a photographers photo shoot meetup. The idea was to get group photos of photographers, since they so rarely get to have their pictures taken. Mike participated in the shoot, while I took photos. It was a fun way to start the con and nice to meet some more local and non-local photographers.

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Mustang Sally Brewery Shoot

To finish out 2018, Mike and I attended one last D.C. Cosplay Photo Shoots meetup at the Mustang Sally Brewery. In order to change things up (and because I did not want to have to edit more photos), we decided to both go as cosplayers. The industrial-esque setting seemed perfect for our Knightmare Batman and Catwoman costumes.

We started off working with Ali of Alicyn Drew Photography. She was experimenting with gels and bouncing the light off of the metal of a brewing tank. It made for a really cool effect!
Photo by Alicyn Drew

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Victorian Christmas Tea 2018

Last December Carolyn held her final Victorian Christmas Tea in DC before she moves back to Canada. (We will miss you Carolyn!) As with all of Carolyn’s parties, there was tons of scrumptious food and lots of fun conversation. Carolyn’s house was beautifully decked out for the holidays.

I am pretty proud of the group photo, because we managed to get a lot of people into one shot in a narrow space using only a single flash on the hot shoe.
Victorian Christmas Tea

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PAX Unplugged 2018

Last December, Mike and I returned to PAX Unplugged, which took place in Philadelphia. It is a tabletop gaming convention, and this was its second year.
We had a fun time, and it was a nice way to finish our 2018 conventions. There were some organizational issues the first year, and I could tell that a bunch of effort had been put into improving for year two.

PAX Unplugged is all about the tabletop freeplay area. This is your opportunity to try out new games or to play an old favorite with friends. Compared to the first year, they expanded the number of tables and the games that were available to check out. They still might need to increase the capacity next time, but it was much improved from the first year
PAX Unplugged

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The New Kit-Cat Portraits, Series 2

Mike and I are pleased to unveil our second series in The New Kit-Cat Portraits!
(As a reminder, the first series can be found here.) The original Kit-Cat Club paintings by Sir Godfrey Kneller included 48 separate sitters. Although we will not reach that total, our goal is to do three or four sets throughout this year and complete at least 20 portraits. Our hope is to document as much of the talented and diverse Washington, DC-area historical costuming community as possible.
New Kit-Cat Portraits, Wave Two

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