Graffiti Warehouse Shoot (Part 1)

What is this??? An event recap??? Yes it is!

For the first time in over a year, Mike and I attended a costuming event back in May 2021. DC Cosplay Photo Shoots hosted a meetup at the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore. It was a somewhat small group, and everyone was vaccinated. Mike and I were quite excited to see people in person, but we also felt odd to be going to an event again after so long. Mike noted that he felt really out of practice in terms of photographing cosplayers, because he had only photographed me and one other person, Sara, in over a year. I also felt out of practice editing photos of other people. However, once we started into the shoot, it was hard not to be inspired by the cool venue and the energy of the other cosplayers and photographers.

This post shares the photos that Mike took of others. I will follow up with an additional post of the photos taken of me.

A group photo of all the cosplayers Graffiti Warehouse

Tanooki Cosplay as Barbie Darth Vader. Here Mike experimented with a gobo on a background light.
Graffiti Warehouse

My first lightsaber edit since Katsucon 2020! Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Walter as Rey Mysterio Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Sgt Bucky Bear and Mad Moll as John Constantine and Zatanna Graffiti Warehouse

Mike did some fun experimentation with mirrors in these shots. Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

NatArchaic Cosplay as Cruella Graffiti Warehouse

For this photo, Nat wanted to use this blue couch, but was not sure how. I suggested she sit with her legs draped a little over the edge, and we were able to workshop this pose. I love the results!
Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Lena Volkova as Harrowhark Nonagesimus Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Graffiti Warehouse

Thank you to all the cosplayers we worked with!

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