Gore Place Event

We went to Gore Place today, an 1806 historic home in Waltham, MA. Sadly, it was raining, but we still had a great time. We stopped off at Brandeis University beforehand for an indoor picnic and then went to the museum. The staff were really friendly, and our guide gave us a great tour. I’m looking forward to visiting again when the weather is nicer. On to the pictures!

Although officially there were no photos allowed in the house, the guide took this photo for us after the tour:

Our indoor picnic:

Keeping dry as best as we can:


Me with my new shawl, which my parents brought back from Turkey:

Mike and me:

Our costuming newbies, Amy and Erin, wearing stuff from my closet (they’re contemplating making their own outfits!):

Shoe pic, where you can see the wide array of “period” shoes we had for the bad weather:


Trip to See “The Duchess”

Today several of my costuming friends and I went to see The Duchess! I really enjoyed the movie. All the costumes were beautiful, and the movie itself was very engaging. We also stopped by the Central Burying Ground (a cemetery established in 1756) on Boston Common to take some pictures of us in costume.

It Works!!

I tried on my voile regency last night with all my underpinnings, and it works! I am so happy with this. I started with the Period Impressions Bib Front Gown pattern, just started improvising (based on some diagrams in Bradfield’s Costume in Detail and 19th C Costume in Detail), and the result wasn’t a total failure. I have to say I was a bit surprised. I only have to finish the hem.

Sorry for the low light in the pictures–it was dark!

Progress Pics: The Last Month’s Work

Been pretty busy around here, and I’ve had little time for sewing. Last night I did take some time to work on my voile regency. I finished the neckline casing and started working out the sleeves. Here is a test sleeve just pinned to the final bodice to get the general effect:

The back as it stands now:

The front before I finished the neckline:

The front of the mockup:

The back of the mockup:

So I’m going to be offline for the next three weeks, on a trip to England. See you in a few weeks!

Voile Regency Mockup

I actually did some sewing yesterday, working on the mockup for my voile regency gown.

This was attempt #1:

Back of attempt #1

I liked the look of this one, except right along the shoulder strap, where there was some pulling and gapping in odd places.

This morning I made another mockup. I didn’t bother gathering the front very well, because I was more focused on the shoulder strap area.

I like the feel of attempt #2 better. Now I need to fiddle around with the sleeves.

Back to Work

So I’ve been spending most of the past month knitting instead of sewing. I’m trying to finish a shawl for my mother, but it’s become the never-ending project.

But Jenni has been talking about our “4th Annual Attempt at a Regency Picnic,” so that has got me thinking about sewing again. I’ve got a few things in the queue:

1) My voile regency dress. I kept going back and forth as to how to contruct this. First I wanted a bib front, then a back closing gown, then a front closing gown with drawstrings. I think I’ve settled on the last option, after looking at the Past Patterns regency pattern. I don’t think I’m going to use that pattern, but rather modify the S&S Elegant Ladies Closet pattern, which I used a while ago for my old green dress.

2) My 1828 dress. I did finish most of a flounced petticoat for this one, as you can see in this bad picture, but I haven’t actually gotten to the dress!

3) Some random fiddling with my 1880s bustle dress. There are still some details I want to work on, plus I want to redo the chemisette (pictured below). I like the look of it, but I made the collar too big.

Bodiced Petticoat

I have mostly finished my bodiced petticoat (for under my voile regency dress I’m planning). It’s a pretty simple affair just using scrap muslin from the stash. I started with the Sense and Sensibility pattern, and looking at these instructions I put it together with no problems. It’s not particularly accurate, but I think it will work well under my new dress.

The front

The back (it still needs closures, but I couldn’t find my hooks and eyes this morning)

The inside

White Voile Regency

I have 7 yards of cotton voile which could make a nice gown, a la these examples.




I might ditch the train, though, as that would make dancing and even walking a real pain. Otherwise I would have to pin or loop it up.

I think I’m going to start with the pattern I used on my blue dress, with the bib-front, because I really like the way it fits. Then I’ll go from there.

This morning, I began working on a bodiced petticoat, because my voile is way too transparent to wear without something under it.

Here I’m fiddling with the front, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted the petticoat to be really fitted or have a drawstring at the top edge. I’m still wavering on it.