Gore Place Event

We went to Gore Place today, an 1806 historic home in Waltham, MA. Sadly, it was raining, but we still had a great time. We stopped off at Brandeis University beforehand for an indoor picnic and then went to the museum. The staff were really friendly, and our guide gave us a great tour. I’m looking forward to visiting again when the weather is nicer. On to the pictures!

Although officially there were no photos allowed in the house, the guide took this photo for us after the tour:

Our indoor picnic:

Keeping dry as best as we can:


Me with my new shawl, which my parents brought back from Turkey:

Mike and me:

Our costuming newbies, Amy and Erin, wearing stuff from my closet (they’re contemplating making their own outfits!):

Shoe pic, where you can see the wide array of “period” shoes we had for the bad weather:


New Regency Bonnet

As the finishing touch to one of my outfits for Costume Con, I purchased a regency bonnet from Dannielle of Timely Tresses. It arrived yesterday, and I am very happy with it! I picked a more complicated style, something that I couldn’t have made myself (at least not without a LOT of cursing and mess-ups).