Costume Con 27 Pictures


Red Robe Wrap-Up Pics

I’ve been too lazy to get into my regency stays (soooooo many eyelets…) over the past couple of weekends to try to get pics of my finished red robe. I was working on my 1820s dress, and that was enough fiddling with stays for me. I did manage to snap a few ok-ish pictures on the dressform this afternoon, though. (Yay for holiday break! Although it’s a bit short for me, because I have a conference I’m flying out for on the 1st.)


I’ve pretty much finished up the 1790s open robe. No final pictures yet, as I didn’t have light for taking them. But here’s a look at the back:

Pleating the skirt to the right width:

I marked how wide the pleats should be on my ironing board with a washable marker. Then I held the fabric up to that and pinned the pleats down:

After I attached the skirt with a backstitch, I felled the seam over itself with whip stitches:

Finally, the belt. It’s a couple inches wide, backed with linen.

Red Robe Progress

I have the bodice almost done! I checked the fit this morning, and I’m quite happy with it. Here are some blurry pictures:

I took pretty detailed pictures of the bodice construction. First I basted the linen lining to the fashion fabric of the center back piece, turning under the neckline edge. I did the same with the other bodice pieces, but I left the lining hanging free along areas that were going to be seams. Then I assembled the bodice with backstitches from the fashion fabic side. I left the loose lining pieces hanging free.

After that, I turned under the free edges of the lining pieces and sewed them down with whip stitches.

I sewed up the seams on the sleeves with backstiches. These are unlined. I then trimmed one side of the seam allowance and sewed down the other allowance in a flat-felled seam with whip stiches. I then set in the sleeve with backstiches. After checking the fit of the sleeeves, I trimmed down the armhole seam allowances and overcast them with white cotton thread.

Now, on to the skirt!

Red Open Robe

New project time! I’ve started making a cotton open robe to go over my voile dress.

The fabric I’m using is a cotton print I found at Sewfisticated:

I worked on the mockup this week, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve also even ironed my fabric and dug out some linen for the lining.

It’s a little hard to see in these pictures, since the mockup fabric and the voile dress are both white.

Hopefully there will be more progress soon.