Tudor Place Photo Shoot 2019

In June, we had the pleasure of participating in a photo shoot at Tudor Place, organized by the NOVA Costumers Guild. Tudor Place is an early 19th century house and gardens located in Washington, DC. I was excited to see a historic site that I had never been to before.

I wore my navy silk zone front 1780s gown, since it is surprisingly sturdy for walking around outside. I also thought the blue and white would work well in a garden setting with lots of greenery.

Tudor Place

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Ready for Tomorrow

I decided last night on the final trim and jewelry options, and am now trying to figure out packing and hoping I don’t forget anything. I have nightmares about arriving at an event out of town without my stays!

Whole Ensemble


I spent this morning wrestling with silk taffeta, trying to tame it into a skirt. I think (fingers crossed) that I’ve succeeded. The skirt is only pinned on right now, but it looks right. Now to sew the darn thing on.

Back and Skirt Attachment

Front Zone Progress

Zone Front Gown

Guess what I’m making for the Francaise Dinner? I’ve been working on this off and on since December, but I’ve only been sort of motivated about it. Seeing everyone in all their finery at last weekend’s card party has put a little more inspiration in my head, and now I’ve made some visible progress.

As it stands right now. I need to finish lining the front and then sew the sleeves and shoulder straps.
Front Progress

Mock up, back in December.

I added some ease to the back over the shoulder blades, because my last silk jacket I made using this pattern was a little tight there. The pattern was originally fitted for cotton fashion fabric, so the lack of give in silk creates more tightness. Hope it works.

Materials: navy silk taffeta and cream silk shantung (the latter is slubbier than I would like, but not horrible–I had to work with stash for this)
Materials: Navy Silk Taffeta, Cream Silk Shantung, Thread