A Little Sewing Progress

I’m slowly plugging along on the binding for my 18th c stays. I’m already noticing things I will change in my next version, but I want to make a whole outfit and wear these awhile before I make the final verdict.

Here you can see that I’ve finished the top binding and working on the bottom. Ewwww, tabs!

More on the Stays…

It took me a while to get to the lining on these because I realized that the linen I wanted to use was at the bottom of my fabric tubs. And it also REALLY needed ironing. But I finally bit the bullet yesterday and got to work, all while enjoying the first Sunday of football.

First I had to finish sewing the 1/4″ linen tape over the seams:

Then I put together the lining and pinned it in:

I’m going to baste the lining in next, cut down the edges, and move on to the binding. Ugh. Not looking forward to that!

Final Mockup

Yes, I can’t seem to get enough stays around here. Right after finishing my regency stays, I started back into my 18th c ones. I made one more cardboard mockup, because the front panels were still too narrow.

I experimented with lacing these up as much as possible when I tried them on, so I think it’s actually just a little tigher than I would normally want. But this is with cardboard, so we’ll see when I get to the fabric.

On to the real thing!

First 18th C Stays Mockup

I found a bunch of copy paper boxes lying around, so I brought them home to make my first 18th C stays mockup. I’m flying a little blind here, since I’ve never made any 18th C before. So please let me know if you have any advice. I don’t want to do major alterations to the pattern (though I know I have to add more room to the waist), but I can handle simple things. So, here we go, with pictures:

The JP Ryan Pattern

Tracing the Pattern onto Cardboard

Cardboard Pieces, Ready to be Taped Together

The Result

It’s too small in the waist. By my calculations, I should add 1.75 inches to the waist of the pattern.