1810 Tea Dance

I just got back from the 1810 Vintage Tea Dance. I had a lovely time, and I got to meet some local costumers. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any pictures. I do have a couple of me dressed up, but no actual dance action! (Though given my dancing skills, that’s probably a good thing.)

And my shoes! I found them at Urban Outfitters, of all places.


New Pictures

Hello all! I finished up my navy blue bib front regency dress (I had to do some fiddling with the waistband), and then last week I made a chemisette to go along with it. I made the chemisette using the pattern from Sense and Sensibility. So now I have pictures of everything together, including my new, comfy stays from Period Corsets (though I still like my short stays too).

Sewing Update

Yes, I did sew a bit over the winter holiday. I finially hemmed everything on my green regency dress. It fits me decently, and I am happy with it. It’s the first thing I’ve finished that is above Halloween costume quality. Then, I started on another dress, a bib-front regency. Mike gave me the Period Impressions pattern for Hanukkah. I managed to snag some fabric by Andover UK that is supposed to be a reproduction from the Jane Austen quilt. I want to make a bib front dress from this, but I wasn’t sure about my skills, so I made a full test run using some broadcloth from the stash. It’s almost right, but I need to do some fiddling with the side openings and made the shoulders wider. Plus understitch the lining so it doesn’t stick out so much.