Finished Waistcoat

I finished this up last weekend, along with my stays. Most productive sewing weekend ever! It helped that all I had to do was make buttonholes and sew on buttons.

I made something like 12 practice buttonholes by hand, and then realized that they all looked ugly because I didn’t have decent buttonhole twist. For whatever reason I hadn’t been able to find some in the right shade of maroon, so I ended up with this thick, icky, polyester thread. And it does not work well by hand! I ended up throwing in the towel and doing them by machine in thinner cotton thread. Since the holes are small and mostly covered by the buttons, I’m fine with it. I had already used the machine on this project, and I know that there are mistakes in it, so it wasn’t worth the effort of doing the buttonholes by hand.

Mike trying it on, before the buttonholes:


I have been working on Mike’s 1790s waistcoat. I finished covering the buttons yesterday and then continued practing hand sewn buttonholes on scrap wool. My first several were pretty ugly, but by my last one yesterday I had improved a lot. I’m going to try to make a few more practice ones, then move on to the real thing.

A Little Progress

I have gotten closer to finishing Mike’s waistcoat. This has been such a learning experience, and there are definitely things I want to change on the next version. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the results so far.

Of course, it doesn’t even come close to fitting on my dressform, but this is the picture I have:

I spent yesterday morning figuring out how to make covered buttons without those metal forms from the store. I had some wood buttons that I thought would look good covered in self fabric. I kept cutting the circle of fabric either too large or too small. But eventually I got it. Good thing I kept all the scraps of wool I had left over!