Maroon Pelisse and Matching Bonnet

I finally finished my pelisse I started last fall. It’s made out of maroon melton wool, and I trimmed it with rayon/cotton braid. I had finished most of it a couple weeks ago, but I just put on the hooks and eyes.

Here’s the bonnet I made to go with it. It was a settler-type bonnet originally, but I cut down the brim a bit, put on new ties, and made the cockade/feather decoration. The latter was definitely inspired by the lovely work at House of Nines Design.


And More Regency Outerwear

After I got the pattern for my spencer worked out, I immediately started on another one and a pelisse.

First, I have plans for a red flannel spencer based on the following piece from the Danish Moden 1790-1840 book:

Here is the mockup. I need to work on the collar next, but I already have a good sleeve pattern.

Second, a long wool pelisse, similar (but not identical to) the one from the Kyoto Fashion book:

Here’s what I have so far. I want to have a folded-over collar instead of a standing one. Also, I may arrange the braid differently than on the Kyoto example and have hidden closures instead of front buttons.