1820s Bonnet Finished

I had a great time hanging out with so local costuming friends yesterday. It got me all fired up again on my yellow 1820s outfit, so I finished the bonnet!

I couldn’t get the pleated lining to lay right, so I did a non-pleated one. Here’s the muslin pattern:

And the final product:


Productive Sewing Weekend

I made lots of progress on misc. stuff I need to get done before Costume Con.

First, I worked out how I want to trim my bonnet for my yellow 1820s dress. Here is the straw form and the trims I picked out. I’ve got ivory and navy silk ribbon, ivory silk for lining the inside of the brim, and short ostrich feathers

I made bows out of the ivory ribbon:

I mocked up how I want the lining to look:

I also cut out all the pieces for two regency shifts and got most of one sewn. I have to finish the neckline casing and the hem.