Finished Stays!

Wow, sewing these goes way faster when you machine sew everything. I finished in about 4 days of work, once I had checked the mockup.

Finished Stays

Finished Stays

Finished Stays


New Project

I spent all of today mocking up a new set of regency stays. These are going to be highly modernized, because I’ve already done the whole fully hand sewn, corded thing on my last set. I want to make these faster and have a front-opening busk in them, because I really dislike lacing myself into regency stays. I throw out my back or pull my shoulder about 30% of the time when I do the lacing without any help. Maggie has a set of regency stays with a Victorian busk in them, which originally gave me the idea, and I am so jealous. It would make fittings so much easier, too. Last week, I finally ordered supplies, and today I went back and found my existing pattern to try with the new busk. I think this might work!

New Stays

New Pictures

Hello all! I finished up my navy blue bib front regency dress (I had to do some fiddling with the waistband), and then last week I made a chemisette to go along with it. I made the chemisette using the pattern from Sense and Sensibility. So now I have pictures of everything together, including my new, comfy stays from Period Corsets (though I still like my short stays too).