Stays Finished!!

Sorry these photos of the stays on me are so dark. I took them last night. I’m pretty happy with the fit, and they are quite comfortable. The gap in the back isn’t even, but that is partially because Mike had trouble with lacing me up and because I lost weight over the past couple months. I was too lazy to fiddle with it to make it look better.

And here it is flat. You can see the pocket for the busk, and the drawstring in the top edge that can adjust the fit.

Modifications to the pattern:
I made both the bust and the hip gussets smaller, and added a lining after I finished the cording (the pattern was written to be only a two layer corset, but mine is three layers). I cut the armholes a little shallower, and made the shoulder straps a little thinner. I added the drawstring in the top binding by sewing two cotton cords to the top of the stays next to the armholes, and then threading them through eyelets I worked in the binding, at the CF.

Overall, I am really happy with these!

Eyelets Finished!

I finished the eyelets on the back of my stays! This was the period when they switched between spiral and cross lacing. I went with cross lacing, as that was what was marked on the pattern. I also made the pockets for the bones in the back panels. Which meant I was able to try the stays on!

The fit is good, and I think it will be even better when I have shoulder straps on it and have finished the cording.

So much cording! I’ve made good friends with my washable marker.

New Stays

I did a mock-up for the romantic era stays (Past Patterns 001). I was surprised that they fit pretty well. I am still futzing with it a bit, but overall, it’s not bad.

I just taped in a piece of wood to mimick the busk. Go gaffer’s tape! Mike has a lot of that sitting around because he works in a theatre.

Hem Me!

I have finished with the new dress except for hemming it. I just don’t feel like doing that right now. I have a couple of so-so pictures.

Plus, I just got a copy of Past Patterns 001 (1820s/1830s stays) in the mail. Jenni got me thinking about a romantic era dress, so I thought I would take a first step in that direction.