Fort Fred 2018

We went to the Fort Frederick Market Fair at the end of April. Last year, it was brutally hot. Thankfully, this year the weather was much more pleasant. There was some chance of rain, but it held off the entire time we were there.

Mike and I began the day by taking a few photos in the shadow of the fort. I wore a printed linen jacket that I made several years ago, but had not brought out to an event in a while. I accessorized with a necklace and earrings from my Etsy shop.
Fort Fred

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Linen Jacket and Petticoat

Finished this project last week. It’s a jacket made out of a printed linen and a petticoat made out of a blue coordinating linen/cotton blend. I used the JP Ryan 18th C jackets pattern, which required little modification to fit.



Back bodice

After finishing that, I cut out a red wool cloak. I figure now that I’m going to more 18th C events, I better have some outerwear for the cold months.

Pieces cut out