Wagner House Weekend (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared photos that Mike and I took in shoots we had scheduled during our friend Vanessa’s event at Lakewold Gardens. On Saturday night, Vanessa organized a lovely dinner to close out the weekend. She arranged for a delicious buffet, live music, and plenty of time for conversation and card playing.

Mike and I did not do formal shoots during the dinner, because we did not want to spend the evening working. But we agreed to take a group photo before dinner and some quick shots afterwards. We did the latter photos in the front hall, which was pretty small and dark. We were able to compensate by setting up one speedlight and aiming it at the low, white ceiling. That worked as a nice bounce.

We looked like a fabulous rainbow!
Wagner House

Mike and I driving to the dinner. Getting our game faces on!
Wagner House

Wagner House

Wagner House

Wagner House

Wagner House

Wagner House

Wagner House

I took this photo of Mike sitting in the library. I quite like the result!
Wagner House

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Vanessa!

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