Francaise Dinner 2019

We attended the Francaise Dinner last March at Gadsby’s Tavern Restaurant. It is hard to believe that this event has been going on for eight years! Back when it started, I had done only a little 18th century costuming. Now the 1780s is one of my favorite eras.

I wore a striped silk chemise gown that I bought from Vivien when she was doing a closet clear-out. I had always wanted to make a dress of this style, but never got around to it. When Vivien said she was selling hers, I snapped it right up. For this outing I styled myself a new wig, following instructions in Kenda’s book on 18th century hair. My jewelry is from my Etsy shop, and my shoes are by American Duchess.
Francaise Dinner

Mike coordinated with my blue and white theme in his outfit as well.
Francaise Dinner

We did not take a ton of photos, because it was quite crowded (the dinner filled two dining rooms!). Once the crowd started mingling and thinning out after the meal, Mike got out our external flash and did get a few shots. Serving as a light stand, I held the flash over my head, pointed at the ceiling, using it to bounce and diffuse. It worked pretty well for photos of one or two people at a time. We would have needed more power to take a full group shot.

Natasha (wearing a necklace and earrings she purchased from my Etsy shop) and Dustin
Francaise Dinner

Kristin (also wearing a necklace she purchased from my Etsy shop)and Matt
Francaise Dinner

Our hostess Jess
Francaise Dinner

Glynnis, Stephani, and Megan
Francaise Dinner

Stephanie and Taylor
Francaise Dinner

Francaise Dinner

Colette and Soeurkraut
Francaise Dinner

Meredith (wearing earrings she won in a raffle from my Etsy shop) and Caroline
Francaise Dinner

Britney and Ashley
Francaise Dinner

All of our photos are here


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