Linen Checked Bib Front Gown

I never blogged about the most recent new dress that I finished. I decided that I wanted something new for the Pumpkin Tea last November (after having worn a dress that was nearly ten years old at the previous year’s tea). I used linen from Burnley and Trowbridge that I had received as a holiday gift from Mike back in 2012. I can’t believe I let such nice fabric sit in my stash for that long!

I used the same pattern that I’ve had for bib front gowns since way back in 2007. (Indeed, this is the pattern I used for the dress I wore at the 2016 Pumpkin Tea.) It’s a modified version of the Period Impressions bib front pattern. I hand sewed the bodice, but used a machine to sew the long seams in the skirt.

The day before the tea Mike and I took some photos on our back deck to show the finished dress. The lovely cap is by Virgil’s Fine Goods.
Checked Regency Dress

The ruffled chemisette is by Very Victorian.
Checked Regency Dress

I made this spencer several years ago. I think it coordinates pretty well, no?
Checked Regency Dress

Checked Regency Dress

Checked Regency Dress

I made my earrings and the brooch. You can purchase similar earrings from my Etsy shop at the listing here.
Checked Regency Dress

I finished off the outfit with my American Duchess Manchester boots. They are my favorite regency shoes!
Checked Regency Dress


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