2016 Year in Review

Looking back at my costumes this past year, they lean way more towards cosplay than historical. There’s a pretty easy explanation for this: I started a 10-13 hour per day work schedule in August (including working weekends), so I could only do projects that use more pre-made components. Thankfully, that schedule ends this next week. Which means I can hopefully shift back to more sewing-intensive projects. That’s the hope at least!

2016 goals
-Finish yellow regency ballgown (I did a lot on New Year’s Day, just needs some interior seam finishing)–Yup!
-Finish ruby Queen Anne-style necklace–Yup!
-Finish Kiss the Girl Ariel costume (the wig and hair bow need work)–Yup!
-Make a new dress for the Francaise Dinner (I have some purple silk laid aside)–Nope, though I am about 75% done with this.
-Hipster Dude Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel costume for Mike–Yup!
-Finish Ed Benes-era Black Canary costume–Yup!
-Grey silk 1790s waistcoat for Mike–Nope.
-New regency day dress–Nope.
-Jim Balent-era Catwoman costume–Nope.
-Arrow TV show leather jacket–Nope, on hold because Mike ended up purchasing a jacket he liked.

-Yellow regency ballgown
Riversdale Ball

-Ruby Queen Anne-style necklace

-Rainbow Dash v1.0

-1760s John Hesselius necklace

-Rainbow Dash v2.0
PAX East

-Kiss the Girl Ariel
PAX East

-Hipster Dude Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel
Baltimore Comic-Con

-Ed Benes-era Black Canary
Baltimore Comic-Con

-DC Comics Bombshells Batwoman
Bombshells Batwoman

-Officer Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps

2017 goals
-Finish 1780s purple silk dress
-Jim Balent-era Catwoman costume
-Grey silk 1790s waistcoat for Mike
-New regency day dress
-Jason Todd Red Hood costume
-Something either 18th C or late Victorian for me, but I’m not sure what


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