DC Cosplay Photo Shoots (Group Photos)

There is a really cool Meetup/Facebook group called DC Cosplay Photo Shoots, which meets periodically (usually at least once a month, sometimes more) at DC-area locations to bring together cosplayers and photographers. I have been following the group for quite a while, but with work being busy I had not been able to attend an event. Mike and I finally made it to the November meetup, which took place at the National Portrait Gallery. I went as a cosplayer, and Mike went as a photographer. It was great to meet a lot of locals who were interested in costuming, photography, and pop culture. The museum was a wonderful backdrop for photos, with a lot of varied options to suit different people’s costumes.

Later Mike and I collaborated on editing the photos he took, which was a lot of fun. We each used some techniques we don’t normally do. And I have gotten back a bunch of beautiful pictures from the other photographers I worked with. I’ll start by posting photos from during the group gathering portion of the meetup, and follow up later with the photos Mike and I worked on and with the photos that others took.

You can see there were a lot of cosplayers!
DC Cosplay Photoshoots

DC Cosplay Photoshoots

After the group photo, we did our version of the Mannequin Challenge, which Mike took some photos of. The guy in the Yankees cap you can see walking through is the videographer, Ernie of The Fan’s P.O.V.
DC Cosplay Photoshoots

DC Cosplay Photoshoots

DC Cosplay Photoshoots

DC Cosplay Photoshoots

DC Cosplay Photoshoots

DC Cosplay Photoshoots

I posed with Life of Cosplay, who makes an excellent Carmen Sandiego. She had a large faux jewel, and we pretended that we were after the same score.
DC Cosplay Photoshoots

And here is the resulting video!

This photo, courtesy of Rudy Conrad, shows all the photographers taking the group picture. You can see Mike among the crowd.
General Shoot


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