Ten Years

I realized yesterday that my first blog post (which was later ported over to WordPress from a different blogging platform that is now defunct) was on Wednesday November 8th, 2006. This means I’m ten years in to the costuming hobby. Wow, where did the time go? Back then I was a PhD candidate living in a basement. My sewing machine was on my dining room table, and I had two plastic tubs of fabric. Now I have a full time job, own my own home, and have a dedicated sewing room filled to the brim with fabric, trims, and who knows what else.

Can I just say how wonderful it has been to be part of a hobby that is so personally and intellectually rewarding? I’ve met so many wonderful people through costuming, got to experience some really unique things, and it constantly fills me with joy to be able to learn about history and make something new at the same time.

I will leave you with a bad photo of my first, badly sewn, dress. The one that started it all.

First Dress 2006


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