Costume College Thursday Night

I just processed photos from the Thursday night pool party at Costume College. (Of course, the only reason I was able to do them so quickly was I only took a few….) The theme was 1960s “It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World,” and there were some really cool interpretations! I was excited for my first taste of Costume College, and it did not disappoint. I met so many fun people in just a couple hours, and I got to talk to some folks that I had not seen in person for many years.

I had nothing that fit with the theme, so I just wore my Rockford Peaches uniform again. Which I still love. It’s very comfy, and it traveled well in the suitcase. The perfect costume for the first event of a con.

On to the photos!

Stephanie (foreground), Rebecca, and Leimomi
Costume College

Angela, Ginger, Bethany, and Taylor
Costume College

Jen, Loren, and Ginger
Costume College

Bethany and Angela
Costume College

Costume College

Me, at the end of the party
Costume College

And with my roomie, Stephanie!
Costume College


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