2015 Year in Review

2015 was productive, but was interrupted by us buying a house. I love the house, but moving certainly put a cramp on sewing for a few months. Hence the end of my list didn’t come to pass. Now that I have my sewing space fully set up, hopefully I will get more done in 2016!

2015 Costumes

2015 goals
-Linen checked 1790s waistcoat for Mike (just needs buttons sewn on)–Yup!
-Make some new regency hairpieces and/or wigs–I fixed one, but didn’t make more.
-Finish 1890s skirt (needs closures)–Yup!
-Sheer net regency overdress–Yup!
-Yellow silk anglaise (bodice is already cut out)–Yup!
-Patrice Bergeron Pegasus costume for Mike (to go with Rask Pony)–Yup!
-Finish 1780s frock coat for Mike–Yup! This was on my list since at least 2012.
-Take in green francaise and make new stomacher–I took it in, but didn’t make a new stomacher.
-New regency ballgown–Started, but didn’t finish.
-Grey silk 1790s waistcoat for Mike–Nope.
-New regency day dress–Nope.

-1890s skirt
1890s Skirt

-Linen checked 1790s waistcoat (plus I pad stitched new interfacing in the frock coat collar)
Riversdale 12th Night

-Sheer net regency overdress
Birthnight Ball

-Yellow silk anglaise
Williamsburg 2015

-Patrice Bergeron Pegasus costume (I also made the legwarmers for Beth’s Henrik Lundqvist Pegasus costume)
PAX East

-1770s wig
1770s Wig

-Re-fitted francaise
Francaise Dinner

-1780s frock coat
Francaise Dinner

-A League of Their Own costume
Awesome Con

And then we moved, so I switched to house projects.

-Ikea hack ironing table
Ironing Table

-Ikea hack curtains and pillows

-Chair cover

Meanwhile, I took on some projects/commissions for my Etsy business, In the Long Run Designs. (I also made a bunch of jewelry and other knits, not pictured.)

-Fan based on a 1790s one at Colonial Williamsburg (Acc. No. 1975.310.1, owned by Deborah Richmond)
Bath Gift Fan

-Fan with an early 1800s woodcut design
Musical Instrument Fan

-Fans for Silence in the Library‘s Pride and Prejudice Illustrated project
Pride and Prejudice Fans

-Olive green 18th C mitts
Olive Green Mitts

-Teal silk/wool 18th C mitts (for sale here)
Teal Mitts

And I started embroidering again. (Besides these two, I also made another showing two horses and a fox hound, not pictured.)

-Sleeping foxes wall hanging
Sleeping Foxes

-Fox wall hanging

Plus, for Halloween…

-Rainbow Dash
Jumper Show

2016 goals
-Finish yellow regency ballgown (I did a lot on New Year’s Day, just needs some interior seam finishing)
-Finish ruby Queen Anne-style necklace
-Finish Kiss the Girl Ariel costume (the wig and hair bow need work)
-Make a new dress for the Francaise Dinner (I have some purple silk laid aside)
-Hipster Dude Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel costume for Mike
-Finish Ed Benes-era Black Canary costume
-Grey silk 1790s waistcoat for Mike
-New regency day dress
-Jim Balent-era Catwoman costume
-Arrow TV show leather jacket


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