Black Friday Deals

There are some great deals going on at my three favorite sources for costuming wigs:

1) Vogue Wigs is doing 30% off with the code BLACK. This is where I get hairpieces like what I used for my regency curls.

2) Epic Cosplay is doing 60% off select wigs and 25% off everything with the code BLKFRIDAY2015. This is where I’ve gotten wigs like the blonde one I used for Stephanie Brown. Shipping is free, too.

3) Arda Wigs is having a variety of sales from 10% to 50% off. They sell lots of loose wefts that are useful for making wigs from Kendra’s hairstyling book. I used their wefts when building my 1770s wig.

Also, Timeless Trends is having a 30% off sale on corsets. They are great for Victorian-style overbust corsets. I wear an underbust corset purchased from them for Edwardian outfits.


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