Ikea Hack Sewing

In our new guest room, we needed a small chair that could fit in a corner between the dresser and a window. Most armchairs are too large for the space, but we already had a simple Ikea Nils chair that fit perfectly. However, the cover on the chair was black, which clashed with the dark blues throughout the rest of the room’s décor. And Ikea has discontinued selling the Nils without arms, so we could not buy a replacement cover (except from some European websites, but US shipping from those is almost as expensive as the covers themselves).

Which meant I had to make a cover. I saw that Simplicity had just released 1335, but that pattern only has slipcovers that fit the Ikea Henriksdal chairs. Regardless, I bought a copy on sale at Joanns, just to look at the directions to understand how the covers are constructed. The instructions were pretty clear, so I just had to figure out how to draft a similar pattern to the Nils measurements. The Nils is all straight lines and close to right angles, so that was not so hard. Although sewing the inside corner where the backrest joins the seat required a couple tries to get right.

Here is the finished result! I used sale home dec fabric from Joanns, so total materials cost was only about $20.

This was the original chair.

I started by measuring the height, width, and depth of the chair, and drawing a bunch of rectangular shapes to match on a piece of muslin.

I cut the pattern out and tested the fit. I had to make a few adjustments, but overall the pattern worked.

My other project was to shorten some Ikea Gulsporre curtains, so that we could use them to cover over a triangular dormer space that we wanted to use for storage. After shortening the curtains, I had a bunch of fabric left over. The pieces were already hemmed on three sides, which meant I could use one for a window valence very easily; all I had to do was make a pocket for a curtain rod on the unfinished edge. With the other piece, I made a round throw pillow and sewed some little coasters. Multi-tasking curtains!


6 thoughts on “Ikea Hack Sewing

  1. I really love yoyr new cover you are a clever gal. Wondering if you would consider selling me the old Nils cover as a(I need a black one as I only have a green one) and b) it would then look perfect in my red black and white home office .
    I dont sew or do crafts anymore as i have zero energy. Menopause is killing me.

    • Hi Anita–thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I sewed the new blue cover so that the size has to fit over the old cover, so I have to keep the old cover on there. Sorry I can’t help you out!

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