The Awkward Times

Ahhh…middle school. Like many others, I experienced a lot of growing pains back then. But, even at that point I was already interested in historical costume. And when my grade did a project about the American Revolution, and our teachers told us we could dress up during the group presentation, I was pretty excited. I had my mom make me a “colonial” dress using what I’m pretty sure was some version of the current Simplicity 3723 pattern. I loved it, zipper and all. (I wish I still had that dress, but I believe we loaned it to someone else for another school thing, and it sadly never came back.) I knew that some day I wanted to sew myself more costumes.

Here is picture proof (sorry for the quality; this is a cell phone picture of a physical film print). For some reason I’m winding yarn off of a swift, but I don’t remember why. And OMG braces.
School Photo


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