Wig Success?

I wear wigs frequently for costuming, but I try to get away with only styling them in pretty simple ways. However, that doesn’t cut it for fancy 1770s hair, so I decided to get over myself and try something more complicated. Enter the book 18th Century Hair and Wig Styling by Kendra of Demode.

I highly recommend this book. I read the entire history and techniques sections, and the research presented there is impressive. Then I tackled the Dorothee style, which is appropriate for the mid- to late 1770s. This was an adventure, partially because I lacked some of the proper materials. But with Mike’s help (a few things were easier with four rather than two hands), yesterday we made a bunch of buckles (rolled hair curls) set with glue, and a wire frame. Today I attached the frame to the wig and assembled the style. The results are not at all perfect, but wearable and still pretty.

1770s Wig

1770s Wig

1770s Wig

1770s wig

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