My Little Blackhawk [Bruins and Rangers] Cosplay at PAX East

On Friday of this year’s PAX East, Beth, Mike, and I did a group cosplay as characters from Ali Lawrence’s My Little Blackhawk art. My Little Blackhawk is a great crossover between My Little Pony and hockey. The results are adorable. And totally cosplay-worthy. Beth, a lifelong Rangers fan, was Lundqasus (Henrik Lundqvist) and Mike was Bergerasus (Patrice Bergeron). I went as Rask Pony (Tuukka Rask), as I did last year.

First we decided that Beth needed to recreate this picture, poking fun at the buildup of ice shavings that formed in Lundqvist’s crease last year during a playoff game
PAX East

PAX East

After that we thought a goalie fight was in order
PAX East

Things got pretty heated
PAX East

Bergerasus did not approve
PAX East

Bruins versus Rangers!
PAX East

PAX East

Post-game head butt
PAX East

And a brohoof
PAX East


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