New Silk Anglaise

I first cut out the pieces for this dress over a year ago. And then I did nothing with them. But when Stephanie proposed a Williamsburg trip, I figured it was time to sew this up.

It’s nearly finished now (which is good, because I need it this Saturday); I just have to finish some interior seams. Everything is hand sewn except the long skirt seams.
Yellow Silk Anglaise

I still dragged my feet on sewing, even after I had committed to finishing it. Less than two weeks ago, I only had some of the bodice together.
Yellow Silk Anglaise

After the bodice had been constructed, lined, and boning placed in the center front
Yellow Silk Anglaise

And then there were sleeves.
Yellow Silk Anglaise

Skirt pleated and attached. This was a pain to get to lay flat, but after a couple tries I got it.
Yellow Silk Anglaise

Yellow Silk Anglaise

First try-on, when I had only trimmed one sleeve so far.
Yellow Silk Anglaise


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