Regency Era Net Overdress

I finished this yesterday to wear to the Birthnight Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum next weekend. I had a hiccup, where despite my mockup, the back piece of the bodice ended up too wide. The net had stretched more than I anticipated. So I added a seam there. After that fix, it fits. My other mistake was burning a hole in a front piece with my iron (I had forgotten that it was on the high linen setting, so it singed the synthetic net even through a press cloth). Luckily I had enough fabric to replace that piece.

I used a vintage net dupatta that had metal embroidery and beading on it. The embroidery is not in perfect shape, but it’s good enough unless you look closely. I sewed the pieces together using flat felled seams, and then bound the edges with velvet ribbon. The waistband is made with cotton tape, covered with more velvet ribbon.

Net Overdress

Net Overdress


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