“Wear What You Want!” Party

Judy hosted a wonderful, laid-back costume party last night. Folks could wear what they felt like, historical or otherwise. It was great to see Judy and Steve’s new house, which is beautiful. I’m jealous of her sewing space (which is where we are standing and sitting in a group in several of the photos below).

I wore my new 1890s wool skirt, which was nice and warm on a cold night. The outfit was pretty simple, but comfortable. It was so great seeing the variety of costumes people had!

I did not bring my camera(s), so these are all iPhone pictures.

My outfit, a plain black skirt and grey blouse
Any Costume Party

With Mike, who wore a modern tuxedo cutaway coat
Any Costume Party

There were A LOT of gummy bears! We only made a little dent in these.
Any Costume Party

Judy and Maggie
Any Costume Party

Any Costume Party

Kat and her beautiful Game of Thrones ensemble
Any Costume Party

Isabella’s 1860s ballgown
Any Costume Party

Mike is a great tiara-holder
Any Costume Party

Judy breaks it down
Any Costume Party

Adrienne’s new striped gown, and Alice looking very elegant in regency (and wearing a necklace from my Etsy shop!)
Any Costume Party

Towards the end of a fun night
Any Costume Party

All of my photos are here.


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