30 Day Cosplay Challenge: Day 2

How many costumes have you done?

Of costumes I’d put in the “cosplay” category, I have the following:

Video Games
Arkham City Robin
Gothic Lolita Princess Peach

Comic Books
Victorian Catwoman
Closet Cosplay Catwoman 1st version
Darwyn Cooke/Adam Hughes Catwoman
David Aja Hawkeye
Lazy Sunday Hawkeye
Closet Cosplay Catwoman 2nd version
Robin IV/Stephanie Brown

Lizzie Bennet (P&P and Zombies)
Fitzwilliam Darcy (P&P and Zombies)

My Little Bruin Tuukka Rask

So that is 14 costumes. I think I got them all. Obviously I have a lot of historical stuff, but I’m not counting that.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Cosplay Challenge: Day 2

  1. I love seeing Stephanie Brown costumes! Do you have photos? It’s rare to see cosplays of her as Robin. I’ve done her classic black and purple batgirl costume, and I admit I’m contemplating doing other versions of her – I’m guilty of cosplaying only blonde characters because I hate wigs. =P

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