1800-1810 Dress and Underdress, Winterthur Museum

This lovely piece was displayed in the main textile gallery when I visited the Winterthur Museum in November of last year. There are lots of nice details to look at: the cording in the neckline, the flounces on the hem, and the cuff treatment of the sleeves. It is great to see that the underdress has survived as well.

DA Weekend

DA Weekend

DA Weekend

DA Weekend

DA Weekend

DA Weekend

DA Weekend


3 thoughts on “1800-1810 Dress and Underdress, Winterthur Museum

  1. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing. How do you feel about people “pinning” your photos on Pinterest? I haven’t pinned these since I realize that images on Pinterest really get a life on their own and sometimes lose their sources. Cheers!

    • Hello Madame Berg! I’m fine with people pinning my images. Of course, I’d like to see my info and the museum’s info stay with the pin, but I know that can’t be controlled. Nature of the internet, and I accept that. But thank you for being conscientious enough to ask!

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