2014 Year in Review

I did pretty well at finishing a number of things I’d planned on making this past year. And although it is not finished, I even started a 1780s frock coat for Mike a couple weeks ago. That has been on my list since at least 2012.

2014 Goals
-New wool cloak–Yup!
-Green silk francaise–Yup!
-Re-work my brown floral print anglaise–Yup!
-1770s waistcoat for Mike–Yup!
-Mike’s 18th C frock coat (this will happen some day!)–Started, but still needs sleeves and a collar
-Something late bustle era–Nope, not sure when I will get to this
-A new spencer–Yup!
-Stephanie Brown Robin (Robin IV) cosplay–Yup!

-Wool cloak
Short Cloak

-Green silk francaise (with new jewelry too)
Green Francaise

-1770s waistcoat
Braddock Day Ball

-Re-fitted brown floral anglaise
Fort Fred 2014

-1910s day dress
1910 Dress

-Regency bonnet and coral jewelry
Riversdale House Visit

-Navy regency ball gown
Jane Austen Ball 2014

-Stephanie Brown Robin
Baltimore Comic-Con

-Small pillbox hat
Pillbox Hat

-New overskirt for 1910s evening gown
DA Weekend

-Glass festoon necklace and earrings
Glass Festoon Necklace

-Teal wool spencer
Teal Spencer

-Outlander ensemble
Outlander Outfit

2015 goals
-Linen checked 1790s waistcoat for Mike (just needs buttons sewn on)
-Make some new regency hairpieces and/or wigs
-Finish 1890s skirt (needs closures)
-Sheer net regency overdress
-Yellow silk anglaise (bodice is already cut out)
-Patrice Bergeron Pegasus costume for Mike (to go with Rask Pony)
-Finish 1780s frock coat for Mike
-Take in green francaise and make new stomacher
-New regency ballgown
-Grey silk 1790s waistcoat for Mike
-New regency day dress


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