Golf Sweater!!

I’ve got a trip with a long plane ride coming up, and I find that knitting is easier for me on planes than sewing is.

Which means it’s time to start working on my version of this sweater! (It appeared in an exhibit at the DAR Museum last year and was on loan to the DAR from Historic Northampton.)
DAR Museum Mid 1890s Sweater

I’m using a worsted wool, and I started with swatching on a mix of US 6 and US 7 needles. After blocking, this resulted in a nice fabric that should work.
Sweater Swatch

Then today I took measurements and started plotting out what the pattern should look like. I also am using as reference a 1902 pattern published by Butterick, which was suggested to me by Katherine.
Planning the pattern


5 thoughts on “Golf Sweater!!

  1. Oooo… I love those knit 1890s sweaters! I look forward to seeing your progress. I hope you share your trials and successes in case any of us ever decide to tackle a similar project.


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