Random Sewing and Crafting

I have been having a lot of ADD with respect to projects this past couple weeks. I keep flitting from one thing to another. But despite that I have finished some stuff.

First, I made a new overskirt for a 1910s evening dress that I wore back at the first Dress U. Maggie suggested that I give this dress a makeover, since I was only lukewarm about it (thanks for the encouragement Maggie!). Last time around I used some sheer organza, which was the only thing I had on hand, although it was not really the ideal choice. This time I used a vintage net dupatta that had a lot of metallic embroidery on it (purchased from Vintage Haat on Etsy). I’ve always felt like this dress has fought me, mostly because the brocaded silk fabric I used was slippery and shred very easily. But I like it better with the new overskirt.
1910s Dress

Here is the back. The dupatta wasn’t wide enough to really make a full overskirt without leaving a gap in the back. I left a gap and filled the top of it with tails made of the same embroidered ribbon I used for the waistband of the overskirt.
1910s Dress

This is what it used to look like.
1910s Evening Gown

I also made a little pillbox hat/fascinator to wear to the Arlington Library Lit Up Ball in a couple weeks. This event is a 1950s/James Bond-themed dance.
Pillbox Hat

Pillbox Hat

In jewelry-making news, I figured out how to make a Queen Ann pendant (which was a common style in the 18th C). It was a struggle working out how to attach the various settings to each other, but it worked in the end!
Queen Ann Pendant

And in other randomness, I finished a purse out of Star Wars fabric that I bought a few weeks ago while on a shopping trip with Isabella. I realized that I had cut out the pattern for this purse years ago (maybe 2009?), but never actually sewed one up. I had to fix that situation, once I saw this great Star Wars print.
Star Wars Purse


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