Almost There!

My Stephanie Brown Robin cosplay is almost finished, which is great, since I need it this coming Sunday.

Here you can see my first try-on of the dress and cape.
Robin Cosplay

Re-winding a bit, last time I posted, I left off with a dress that had no sleeves. I started on the sleeves by constructing the little arm pads that Robin usually has. These are probably one of the stupider parts of Robin’s costume. They protect such a little area of the arm, but are a pain to sew. Grr…

Sewing the pad.
Robin Cosplay

Attaching piping to the pad.
Robin Cosplay

The first sleeve after being set in with the arm pad attached.
Robin Cosplay

Moving on to the cape, here I was draping the cape body.
Robin Cosplay

Drafting the collar for the cape.
Robin Cosplay

The collar in the fashion fabric.
Robin Cosplay

The finished cape.
Robin Cosplay

The dress with the second sleeve and the mock turtle neck attached.
Robin Cosplay

Embellishing the belt. I sewed a strip of cotton sateen edged with piping for the belt itself.
Robin Cosplay

The finished belt.
Robin Cosplay

The last sewing part is the gloves. I have one glove finished, just need one more! I also need to style the wig, and that’s it.
Robin Cosplay


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