Ballgown Finished!

Last night I sewed the final few stitches on my gown for the Jane Austen Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum taking place tomorrow. I was worried about finishing in time, so I’m very happy to be done! Below are some in-progress photos.

The pattern layout for cutting out the bodice. The bias rectangle is for the bodice overlay.
Blue Ballgown

Assembling the bodice. I sewed most of it by hand, working from the center front seam outwards.
Blue Ballgown

Sewing piping for the bodice overlay and bodice edging.
Blue Ballgown

The overlay mounted on the final bodice.
Blue Ballgown

The points that I made to decorate the top of the sleeves. These were not originally part of my design, but I thought the sleeves needed something “more.”
Blue Ballgown

Bodice with the sleeves set in.
Blue Ballgown

The finished product! The ruffles took longer than I anticipated. I hope to have better pictures from the ball.
Blue Ballgown


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