New Regency Project

I need a new formal regency gown. I’ve been scraping along with one (plus a silk overdress), and that is not going to cut it if I want to keep attending dinners and dances for this era. I’ve changed the trimmings on my one dress twice, but that only works so much for giving variety.

So, I need to make something new! I looked through my books, and I decided I wanted to do something a little more frilly and trimmed-up, more 1810s or early 1820s than c1800. In my searching I decided I liked a lot of the elements that appear in this dress from the Nordiska Museet.

Inspiration Photo

It is a day dress, but I think I can make it a ball gown if I use fancier fabric, shorten the sleeves, and perhaps do a more tricked-out hem trim.

So far I’ve got a mockup done. Here it is without the gathered bodice overlay.
1810 Ballgown

The back. I’m leaving some room for a few gathers.
1810 Ballgown

With the overlay and sleeves. I will secure the edges of the overlay with piping. The sleeves will be gathered into puffs in at least two, maybe three, places.
1810 Ballgown

My fashion fabric is a semi-sheer dark blue cotton (sorry I do not have a photo), with two-tone stripes on it. I got it on the remnant table at G Street Fabrics, so it was less than $3 per yard!


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