Robin IV/Stephanie Brown: Beginnings

I’ve chosen my costume for Baltimore Comic-Con this year. I’m going to make a Robin IV costume, aka Stephanie Brown from the Batman comics.

I dug out my old copies of her original appearance in the Robin book, which will be my source material:
Robin 126 Cover

Robin 126 Panel

So far I’ve done a couple things: purchased red and green double knit fabric, purchased a patch for the logo on the dress, and made green leggings.

The leggings were an adventure. I did several things that I’m just learning how to do: work with knit fabric, use a cover stitch machine, use the straight stretch stitch on my conventional machine, serge through elastic, and fit a pants pattern. I wanted to throw in the towel a couple times, but I stuck with it and now I have a pair of pants! It’s funny that I’ve sewed so many garments but this is only my second pair of pants. I used McCall’s M6173, but I had to modify it to take out some width and add some length at the waist.
Robin Leggings

And here is the logo patch, which I got from 8-Bit Spock on Etsy. It’s a very nice quality. I’m going to work on finding some yellow fabric that matches the color of this patch, from which I can line the cape.
Robin Patch by 8-Bit Spock

My plan is to work on the dress next. I hope my cover stitch machine doesn’t eat me in the process.


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