The Adventures of Rask Pony at PAX East

I’m back from Boston and PAX East! It was a busy but thoroughly enjoyable weekend. There was catching up with old friends, fabric shopping, gaming, good food, cosplay, museum exploring…a ton of my favorite things.

And of course, I took a lot of photos, about 600. After editing and culling, I got it down to a little over 300. Which of course means a series of picture posts!

Let me start with photos I took of my Rask Pony plushie. I figured a trip to Boston was meant for Rask Pony photo ops. He’s based on Ali of My Little Blackhawk‘s renditions of Tuukka Rask (the Boston Bruin’s goalie) as a My Little Pony. The plushie itself was made by Holly of Hockey Pony Plushies on Etsy. I highly recommend checking out My Little Blackhawk because Ali’s art is adorable. And furthermore Holly’s plushies are of very high quality.

Rask Pony was very excited to go to Boston. Here he is checking to make sure the luggage is ready.
PAX East Trip 2014

Rask Pony explains how to get to TD Garden via the MBTA. You get off at North Station.
PAX East Trip 2014

Hey, we found a Bruin’s bear in the airport! Hello bear!
PAX East Trip 2014

Rask Pony promptly steals the bear’s jersey. *yoink* It fits perfectly!
PAX East Trip 2014

We picked up the rental car, and Rask Pony insists on riding up front.
PAX East Trip 2014

Driving through Harvard Square!
PAX East Trip 2014

We made it to PAX! We begin with waiting in early morning lines for panels.
PAX East Trip 2014

How close can Rask Pony get to the camera?
PAX East Trip 2014

PAX East Trip 2014

High five!
PAX East Trip 2014

Fist bump!
PAX East Trip 2014

And after a long weekend at PAX, time to chill at the hotel. Rask Pony made out like a bandit from Pinny Arcade pin trading.
PAX East Trip 2014

The end!


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