Finished Waistcoat

I have completed a 1770s waistcoat for Mike. After not making Mike any new historical clothes for three years, suddenly I have made him two waistcoats and one coat in the last six months. I guess this is my time to catch up.

I used some leftover navy silk taffeta for the front and linen for the back and lining. I started with Butterick 3072 for the basic shape, then modified it to more closely follow waistcoat number 17 in Fitting and Proper by Sharon Ann Burnston. I also looked at the c1765-1790 suit in Costume Close Up, which coincidently is also numbered 17. I put in functioning pockets, as the Butterick pattern only had fake pocket flaps.

I am happy to have this done, as Mike had no pre-1780 waistcoats before now!

Blue Waistcoat


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