Pearl and Rhinestone Parure

I’m continuing to teach myself new jewelry making techniques. This set was an exercise in threading multi-strand necklaces, in making eye loops from headpins for pearl drops, and in using epoxy clay. I was really worried about using the clay, but I needed a way to stick on a wire loop from which I could attach the teardrop pearls to the bottom of the rhinestone components (there is no place to attach anything otherwise). I hate using glue, because I find it either sticks too much (when I’m applying it) or too little (when it chips off later). This despite experimenting with several jeweler’s glues. But I think I’ve found a solution with the epoxy clay. The pearl dangles seem to be very securely attached now.

Below is the result (with a sneak peek of the trim on my almost finished francaise). A necklace, earrings, and a pin. It is inspired by this 1810s painting of Empress Marie Louise.

Pearl and Rhinestone Parure

The Accessory: Pearl and Rhinestone Parure
Historical Period: Inspired by an 1810s necklace, but I will wear this with a variety of late 1700s and early 1800s formal outfits
Outfit It Accessorizes: I am planning on using this with both 18th C and Regency
Materials Used: Glass pearl rounds and teardrops, rhinestone slide beads, beading wire, crimp tubes, crimp tube covers, one box clasp, jump rings, epoxy clay, earring findings, headpins
Techniques Used: Bead stringing on wire, attaching a box clasp with folded crimps, wrapping headpin loops, attaching rings using epoxy clay


3 thoughts on “Pearl and Rhinestone Parure

  1. This is a beautiful set! I am glad you found a “sticking” solution. I was reading your Materials Used to understand what you used for the amber-colored stones – what exactly are rhinestone slide beads? Do the rhinestones have channels on the back to slide beading string through?

    This is very inspiring, thanks for sharing! Jewelry often seems like one of those things that beyond my skills set, and I assume I have to purchase all of it. Maybe it is worth trying to make!

    • Thank you! Slides are beads that have two sets of holes, so you can put two separate strands through them. They are usually used for elastic bracelets.

      I am currently filing business paperwork to open an etsy shop, to sell jewelry like this…if you are interested in purchasing something! I hope to open later this month, and I will announce it on my blog here.

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